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LED Lighting

LED Lighting

If you are looking to save money on running costs whilst still obtaining stylish lighting, LED lights are the ideal choice.  Our impressive range of LED lighting offers fantastic energy efficiency with bulbs that are very long lasting and will run at a tenth of the cost of a standard incandescent lamp and Half the cost of a fluorescent lamp (CFL) with out the need for a warm up time the light is instantaneous just like an ordinary light bulb.  

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  1. LED 11w GLS dimmable

    LED 11w GLS dimmable

    Regular Price: £39.60

    Special Price £20.95

    A straight replacement for a traditional bulb, with the major advantage of saving you money. Not only does this bulb last around 50 times longer than a traditional quality bulb, it uses about one tenth of the consumption and is not like flourescent bulbs its instant light (no warm up time or flicker) This bulb is dimmable Learn More
  2. led gu10 7w Dimmable

    led gu10 7w Dimmable

    Regular Price: £8.95

    Special Price £4.95

    LED gu10 direct replacement lamp Dimmable* 2 colour options colours available both with 60 degree beam pattern 30,000 Hours / 2 year warranty ******************************************************* * Dimmer compatible with led suitable dimmer * Learn More
  3. led 14w  globe lamp  non dimmable
  4. led 7w golfball lamp

    led 7w golfball lamp

    Regular Price: £28.00

    Special Price £15.95

  5. led 8w gls  dimmable
  6. MD13003023-1a Terrene single glass led pendant

    MD13003023-1a Terrene single glass led pendant

    Regular Price: £114.00

    Special Price £90.78

    Illuminati Terrene single glass led pendant fitting MD13003023-1a The Terrene collection includes a matching 3, 5, 7 or 14 and 20 light pendant, single light wall fitting and single light table lamp This stylish pendant allows warm white LED light to shine from the bottom of the shade and also through the clear glass, accentuating the bubble effect making this a stunning addition to any modern or contemporary decor within your home. Learn More
  7. Hatha Table lamp

    Hatha Table lamp

    Regular Price: £296.40

    Special Price £280.00

    Hatha - An exquisite combination of rubber and metal! The Hatha is an LED table lamp with a flexible spine embedded in the rubber lamp body. The flexibility of the lamp allows users to adjust the light freely at different angles and heights to meet various needs. Adopted with high power LEDs and lens design, the Hatha Light delivers sufficient brightness for reading use, and reaches high light efficiency. Learn More
  8.  Infinito pendant

    Infinito pendant

    Regular Price: £1,129.00

    Special Price £1,066.90

    light up infinity The Infinito Light is the best LED modern chandelier of QisDesign for dining room and serves both as illuminating and atmospheric lighting function. Inspired by the symbol of infinity “∞”, the design lamp is segregate for different functionality through an elegant and simple twist; the big loop delivers warm white light for reading, while the other splendid neon allows you to create your own atmosphere freely. Embedded with sensors, the modern chandelier can detect the movement of hands to adjust brightness and color of light in a variety of ways. Set the mind through colors and dim the light as you wish; there is no limit to your imagination. The sleek design of Infinito is coated with aluminum alloy to expresses your unique taste. Thanks to the special light guide technology, Infinito can distribute the LED Light evenly, eliminating all concerns over glare. You can immerse yourself in the soft, comfortable and homely ambience. Learn More
  9. coral pendant

    coral pendant

    Regular Price: £341.00

    Special Price £322.25

    Sparkling light from the water The Coral Light, an LED lighting fixture, is inspired by the exquisite corals in the ocean. Imitating how natural coral reflects rays of light through the living sea, the Coral Light creates a visually mesmerising effect as it graces a table, ceiling, floor or Wall. Thanks to a special light diffusion technique, the light emitted by the LED bulbs is evenly distributed on the edge of each diffuser. Learn More
  10. YG-4000-SS


    Regular Price: £60.00

    Special Price £50.40

    Stylish LED oval wall bracket in stainless steel with clear polycarbonate diffuser. Learn More

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