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Monthly Archives: August 2013

  • Make a Statement With Our Range Of Dar Lighting

    We have recently expanded the range of lighting we offer to include innovative and creative items from lighting supplier där. This lighting collection offers a modern twist on the old favourites, with items such as antique chrome pendant ceiling lighting and stylish and unusual floor lamps amongst the popular favourites.

    As well as light fittings we also offer a number of coloured lamp shades in this collection to help you co-ordinate your interiors. Shades are available for both ceiling lights and lamps in a range of colours including green, red, orange and blue and if you are not sure about whether they will fit you only have to ask.

    där designs cover a broad spectrum from traditional chandeliers and large statement-piece fittings that would look fantastic in high-ceilinged period homes to a full range of portable table and floor lamps, ideal for the modern apartment and here at GBS we stock an impressive range of their most sought after products.

    So what is so great about där lighting, well in their own words:

    “World-wide sourcing and our own in-house design team ensures that we bring together the very latest techniques and design ideas from across the globe to ensure that our product offering continues to push the boundaries in this quickly evolving fashion-forward industry.”

    Whether you are looking to brighten up your living room or smarten up your personal space in bedrooms and studies, this lighting collection offers something for all types of interiors. To find out more please check out our dar lighting range.

  • LED Vs Standard Light Bulbs

    We’ve all heard the old joke about how many people it takes to change a light bulb and whilst the variations of these witticisms are amusing, what is less amusing is being faced with having to frequently replace a bulb in your ceiling or wall lighting. That is the dilemma encountered by many when using standard light bulbs, which is why we are promoting our LED light bulbs as they last a lot longer than normal bulbs.

    A standard incandescent light bulb will deliver around 1200 hours of light, whereas an LED bulb could give you up to 50,000 hours – lasting over 41 times as long!

    Eventually, LED bulbs will probably become the standard and the only reason they are not already is down to the fact they have a narrower and more focussed light beam. However advances in technology mean that LED bulbs are getting better and better and with prices now much more reasonable than when these items first came on the market, they are a very viable solution for the customer.

    LED bulbs are now being designed for even more applications, meaning that their use is becoming more widespread. We stock a wide range of LED light bulbs, including dimmable bulbs, spotlights and globe bulbs, which can help you save money on running costs without the bother of frequent replacement.

    Please click here to view our full range

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